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About ISA

The Indian Society of Agronomy is one of the largest professional scientific bodies among the comity of agricultural scientists in India. Founded in 1955, the Society has at present more than 3000 life members. It has played a significant role in providing suitable forum for exchange of ideas, encouraging research and disseminating knowledge of Agronomy to the research workers. The Society has completed 50 years of its glorious existence and organized various National and International Symposia and Conferences, including the First and Second International Agronomy Congress during 1998 and 2002, respectively. The Society has been bringing out various publications including the most coveted Indian Journal of Agronomy since 1956. Besides, the Society has conferred various awards and fellowships for outstanding achievements in the field of Agronomy.

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Scientists engaged and interested in teaching/research/extension in Agronomy and related subjects shall be admitted as members after they pay the prescribed fee as per the prevailing rate. They shall be entitled to receive the Journal of the Society free of charge from the year from which the subscription is paid, and will have the rights to vote and hold an office of the Society. The members seeking admission to the Society are required to apply in the prescribed format.

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ISA Publications

Indian Society of Agronomy publishes various publications mainly Indian Journal of Agronomy (IJA), Agronomy Newsletter, Internation Agronomy Congress (IAC) Publications, National Symposium Publication, Manuals and many more! Indian Journal of Agronomy covers research in the field of agronomy. Newsletter covers the news related to activities of ISA and its chapters, conventions, workshops, brainstorming sessions, meetings, central and state agricultural universities, central and state government steps in the area of agricultural engineering, members news, etc.

Indian Journal of Agronomy

About IJA

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. B. Gangwar
Email: [email protected]
NAAS Rating: 5.55
ISSN (Print): 0537-197X
ISSN (Online): ISSN 0974-4460
Started: 1964
Frequency: Quarterly
Month(s) of publication: March, June, September, December
Time to publication: 4-6 Months

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Contact Us

Contact Us

The Indian Society of Agronomy
Division of Agronomy,
Indian Agricultural Research Institute,
New Delhi, Delhi IN
Email: [email protected]