Membership TypePrerequisiteAnnualLifetime
Individual MembershipCitizen of India₹ 2,500
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Citizen of India (Students)₹ 1,500
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₹ 12,000
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Citizen of Other CountriesUS $ 250
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US $ 1,200
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Citizen of Other Countries (Students)US $ 150
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US $ 1,200
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Membership TypePrerequisitePrintOnlinePrint + Online
Libraries & Institutions (Annually)Indian₹ 7,500
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₹ 7,500
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₹ 10,000
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ForeignUS $ 750
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US $ 750
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US $ 1000
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The subscription rates, which are revised by the Executive Council from time to time apply for one calendar year (January to December). The subscription rates are as follows:

Individual membership:
Annual: Rs. 1000 (For Students: Rs. 500); US $ 120 (For Students: US $ 100)
Life: Rs. 10,000; US $ 1,200

Libraries & Institutions (Annually):
Print Only: Rs. 5,000; US $ 500
Online Only: 
Rs. 5,000; US $ 450
Print + Online: 
Rs.6,500; US $ 650


Types of Membership

Scientists engaged and interested in teaching/research/extension in Agronomy and related subjects shall be admitted as members after they pay the prescribed fee as per the prevailing rate. They shall be entitled to receive the Journal of the Society free of charge from the year from which subscription is paid, will have rights to vote and hold an office of the Society provided they have been members for a minimum period of two years prior to the year of election. The members seeking admission to the Society are required to apply in the prescribed format.

  • Life Members
  • Associate Members
  • Sustaining Members

Scientists/persons on payment to the value of 10 year’s annual subscription at the current rate shall be enrolled as life members. The life members shall enjoy all the privileges of the members. They shall not be entitled for back issues of the journal of the Society published before enrollment. The application for the life membership is also accepted in the prescribed format.

Persons who do not possess basic degree in agricultural science shall be enrolled as associate members only on payment of sum equal to that charged as subscription from members. They shall enjoy all the privileges of the members except the right to vote at meetings/elections or to hold an office.

Institutions or organisations in India on payment of Rs.70,000 (equivalent to US $ 2000/= in the case of Institution in foreign countries or Indian Institution or Organisation with Headquarter abroad) as sustaining members. They will be entitled to receive the Journal of the Society free of charge, but will not enjoy voting rights or rights to hold office of the Society.

Withdrawal/Discontinuance/Expulsion of Members:

A member may withdraw from the Society indicating his/her wish to do so in a letter addressed to the Secretary. He shall, however, not be entitled for the refund of any fee paid by him/her. Any member so resigning may, however, re-apply for admission.

Members who do not pay their annual subscription by 31st December shall cease to be the members for the Society. They will have to re-apply for the membership and will not be entitled for the issues of the journal for the concerned year published prior to date of enrolment. A request for the back issues of year, when payment of the membership is delayed beyond 31st December can, however, be made to the Executive Council, which if considered in the interest of the Society, may accept such requests.
Any member indulging in activities against the interests of Society or the activities, which block the functioning of the Society, shall discontinue to be a member of the Society. The Executive Council will discuss such cases on merit and in case the majority decision is for expelling a member it will refer the matter to the General Body meetings which may be convened for this purpose, if necessary. In case the matter is urgent and the General Body meeting is likely to be delayed, the Executive Council may resort to opinion poll among the members of the Society through secret postal ballot. The members who do not communicate their negative opinion through ballot will be considered to have agreed to the proposal of the Executive. The expulsion will be affected if three fourth or more of the members (on roll on the date of the opinion poll) vote for it. The General Body can expel a member from the Society for a fixed term of two or more years or the entire life period, if it finds that the damage caused by the member to the Society is irreparable. The expulsion orders by the General Body will also apply to the life members, who, however, will continue to receive the journal of the Society free of charge. The expelled members/life members will have neither right to vote nor they can contest for any office of the Society.