Past Executive Bodies


2013-2014 Dr Gurbachan Singh
2011-2012 Dr Arvind Kumar
2009-2010 Dr M. S. Gill
2007-2008 Dr R. P. S. Ahlawat
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1985-1988 Dr G. B. Singh
1981-1984 Dr Maharaj Singh
1977-1980 Dr P. S. Lamba
1975-1976 Dr Ambika Singh
1971-1974 Dr O.P. Gautam
1966-1970 Dr P. C. Raheja
1955-1965 Dr. P. S. Deshmukh


2013-2014 Dr A. K. Vyas
2011-2012 Dr V. M. Bhale
2009-2010 Dr N. T. Yaduraju
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2001-2002 Dr A. K. Dahama
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1985-1988 Dr R. K. Rajput
1983-1984 Dr U.C. Upadhyay
1981-1982 Dr G. S. Sekhon
1979-1980 Dr Rajendra Prasad
1977-1978 Dr S. K. Mukherjee
1975-1976 Dr M. K. Moolani
1973-1974 Dr Ambika Singh
1971-1972 Dr S. S. Bains
1966-1970 Dr O. P. Gautam
1961-1965 Dr. S. M. Sikka


2013-2014 Dr D.S. Rana
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1973-1974 Dr I.C. Mahapatra
1971-1972 Dr N.G. Dastane
1966-1970 Dr S.S. Bains
1961-1965 Dr P.C. Raheja


2013-2014 Dr. Ashok Kumar
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1971-1972 Dr S.L. Panday
1969-1970 Dr M.K. Moolani
1966-1968 Dr D.K. Mishra
1964-1965 Dr O.P. Gautam
1955-1963 Dr K.S. Yawalker


2013-2014 Dr Aditya Kumar Singh
2009-2010 & 2011-2012 Dr Ashok Kumar
2005-2008 Dr B. Gangaiah
2003-2004 Dr K.S. Rana
1999-2002 Dr D.S. Rana
1997-1998 Dr Ashok Kumar
1995-1996 Dr Y.S. Shivay
1991-1994 Dr R.P. Sharma
1987-1990 Dr I.P.S. Ahlawat
1985-1986 Dr Ganga Saran
1981-1984 Dr I.P.S. Ahlawat
1979-1980 Dr R.P. Singh
1977-1978 Dr K.S. Parashar
1961-1976 Dr A.G. Kavitkar


DR. H.R. ARAKERI graduated in Agriculture with Honours from Bombay University in the year 1940 and obtained his M.S. degree from the University of Minnesota, USA. In 1949 he received the Ph.D. degree from the same University while working on “Environmental factor relating to the pre-emergence treatment of corn with 2, 4-D and soybean with TCA”. Dr. Arakeri has the distinction of being the only Indian receiving the coveted Outstanding Achievement Award of the University of Minnesota (USA). This award was conferred on him in 1978.

Dr. Arakeri started his career as teacher in the College of Agriculture, Pune, first as a demonstrator and then a as Lecturer in agriculture. He later joined as Professor of Agronomy at the College of Agriculture, Dharwar and then at Pune and continued to be there till August, 1954, when he joined as Sugarcane Specialist at Padegaon, the then Bombay State where he remained up to November, 1956. He then joined as Deputy Director of Agriculture in Mysore State and was later promoted as Joint Director of Agriculture and finally as the Director of Agriculture. Dr Arakeri thus held responsible positions in all the branches of Agriculture i.e. teaching, research and extension and this rich experience made him one of the pioneer State Directors of Agriculture of the Mysore State. In appreciation of his services to the Mysore State (now Karnataka), the State Government conferred on him the State Award on “Rajyotsava Day,” on November 1, 1970. In recognition of his research contributions and the rich experience he was made as a member of the National Commission on Agriculture.

Dr. Arakeri received the National Award by “Farmers Association of India” for the year 1975-76. Before joining the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore as Vice Chancellor, Dr. Arakeri was a member of the National Commission on Agriculture and prior to it he was the Director of Agriculture of the Mysore state (now Karnataka). As Joint Director of Agriculture, Dr. Arakeri was responsible for planning and guiding the entire agricultural research in the Mysore state but paid special attention to the Dryland Agriculture Research. The Report of the National Commission on Agriculture, in preparing which

Dr. Arakeri had a major share, is a monumental piece of work in respect of planning agricultural research development in the country for the coming two decades. He also served as Chairman, Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. Dr. Arakeri has been a member of Indian delegations to a number of international conferences including the Near East and South Asia Regional Land Development and Utilization Seminar at Ankara (Turkey) in 1961; Land Use and Cultivation Planning Seminar at Berlin in 1970; FAO Regional Conference for Asia and Far East at Tokyo in 1974; FAO AAACU Conference on Population Education and Rural Development at Manila in 1977; World Conference on Innovating Higher Education at Wingspread (Wisconsin, USA) in 1978 and the Third AAACU Biennial Convention at Sardang (Malaysia) in 1978. Dr. Arakeri also participated in World Food Conference held at Iowa State University (USA) in 1976 and in the Expert Consultation of FAO in Rome in 1977.

He was the first Patron of the Society from 1974 to 1979. Dr. Arakeri is the author of the books “Agriculture in India” (three volumes) and “Soil management in India.” He has published more than 100 research papers in national and international journals.