ISA Life Time Achievement Award

This award was instituted in 2004 to honour Agronomists who have made outstanding professional contributions at the national level as evident from patents/technologies developed, published work and/or promoting the discipline of Agronomy. The award is presented once in 2 calendar years and carries a Gold Medal, Citation and cash prize of Rs.50,000/-.

• The award is open to all Indian Scientists who have worked in India in the field of Agronomy.
• The persons must have retired from active service on 1st January of the year of the award.
• The contributions of the awardees should have national/international impact.

Mode of selection:
A panel of judges nominated by the Executive Council of the Society from time to time recommends the name of the awardees. The recommendation of the judges is sent to the Executive Council, whose decision shall be final. However, this award will not be of routine and regular nature. If the panel of judges is of the opinion that there is no suitable person for the nomination of this award for any biennium, the award will not be conferred.

The award is presented to the awardees usually during the biennial General Body Meeting of the Society. The recipient of the award is expected to deliver a talk based on his contributions during the active service.

The Society provides single AC II class railway fare from the place of his residence to the place of biennial General Body Meeting and back.

The first recipient of ISA Life Time Achievement Award was as follows:

2020Dr. N.P. Singh
2019Dr. R.P. Singh
2018Dr. T.C. Jain
2017Dr G.B. Singh
2016Dr B. Gangwar
2015Dr Kalyan Singh
2013-2014Dr I.P.S. Ahlawat
Dr M.C. Saxena
2011-12Dr. Ambika Singh
Dr. Arvind Kumar
Dr. P.S. Lamba
2009-10Dr. D.P. Singh
Dr. Rajendra Prasad
2007-08Dr. A.S. Faroda
2004-06Dr. Panjab Singh