Sl No.TitleMembers (Rs.)Libraries (Rs.)Foreign (US $)Postal Charges (Rs.)Buy Link
1Agronomy 2000 AD – Looking Ahead35.00105.0035.0080.00
2Frontiers in Agronomy for Sustainable Agriculture600.00600.0040.0080.00Buy Now
3Agronomic Terminology500.00500.0030.0080.00Buy Now
4Fifty Years of Agronomic Research in India250.00350.0035.0080.00
5Text book of Plant Nutrient Management600.00600.0040.0080.00
6Modern Concepts of Agronomy600.00600.0040.0080.00
7Weed Science of Management600.00600.0040.0080.00
8Climate Resilient Agronomy600.00600.0040.0080.00

Extended Summaries/Proceedings of the Symposia / Congresses / Conferences The Society organizes various symposia, conferences, congresses periodically and brings out the publications containing papers presented orally or through posters in the form of Extended Summaries or Proceedings of the full length invited and orally-presented papers. The list of such publications brought out by the Society in recent years and which are available for sale are given below

Sl No.TitleMembers (Rs.)Libraries (Rs.)Foreign (US $)Postal Charges (Rs.)
1Sustainable Agriculture (Issues, Perspectives and Prospects in Semi-Arid Tropics) Vol. I & II 150.00300.0030.00120.00
2Efficient Cropping Systems Zones of India135.00200.0020.0060.00
3Resource Management for Sustained Crop Production150.00300.0030.0050.00
4Integrated Input Management for Efficient Crop Production125.00250.0025.0060.00
5Proceedings: First International Agronomy Congress250.00375.0015.0060.00
6Proceedings: Second International Agronomy Congress250.00375.0015.0060.00