Regional Chapters

Name and location:

The Regional Chapters form a unit of the Indian Society of Agronomy and are named as per the location. The objective of regional chapters is to promote the objectives of the Indian Society of Agronomy by exchange of scientific information of regional interest with other Chapters, holding symposia and group discussions and help in enrolment of new members.


All members and life members of the Indian Society of Agronomy located at the centre or its sub-campus automatically can become a member of the Chapter. Any member of the Society may become the member of the Chapter by making a written request. A minimum of 20 members are necessary to form a Chapter at any Centre. The Chapter ceases to function if the membership falls below 20, but can be revived when the membership is again 20 or more.

Office Bearers:

The Chapter elects a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer, and two other members of Executive Committee for a tenure of two years.

Operational Fund:

The Chapter receives an annual contingent grant of Rs.1000/- from the Headquarters of the Society for meeting the expenditure on day-to-day activities. Besides, the Chapter also receives a grant of Rs.3000/- (to be incurred on printing and stationary and postage only) biennially for organizing symposium/seminar at the Chapter level. The grant of subsequent year(s) is released only if the accounts of the chapter for the preceding year(s) are duly received by the Society. The Chapter of the Society is authorized to open a bank account in the name of the Chapter in any scheduled bank. The amount is operated jointly by the Secretary and Treasurer of the Chapter. The Headquarters of the Society does not take any responsibility regarding any liabilities of accounts of the Chapter. The Chapter sends the accounts of the Chapter of the year ending in 31st December to the Headquarter by the end of January each year.


The Chapter holds at least two general body meetings in any year in addition to the annual business meeting held for the election of its Executive Committee. The Chapter Secretary convenes this meeting in consultation with the President. The agenda and the notice for the meeting are given in advance.


The Chapter sends a brief and concise account of the activities of the Chapter during the previous year to the Headquarters of the Society for being included in the Annual Report of the Society